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Eye Doctor in West Orange

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LASIK in West Orange

As helpful as your corrective eyewear is, wouldn’t you prefer to get the benefits the provide without having to depend on them day after day? If so, then you’ll want to come to our office at Tutela Eye Center to determine if you meet the qualifications for LASIK, the laser eye surgery that lets you set aside your eyeglasses or contact lenses for good, or at least gives you less cause to use them.

With LASIK, a small flap of corneal tissue is opened and folded back, leaving space for your cornea to be reshaped via laser. Why is that necessary? The root cause of refractive conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism is that your corneal shape improper, the result being that light travels from your cornea to the front or back of your retina, instead of the center; or it refracts unevenly, as with astigmatism. Prescription eyewear from our eye doctor in West Orange corrects your vision by altering the path that light travels from your cornea to your retina. LASIK makes it so your cornea is more accurately sending light to your retina. The list of items that decide if you’re a good candidate for this surgery include being at least 18, not pregnant, having had no previous corneal surgery, no scars, and no infections. Our eye doctor in West Orange will go over all the details of eligibility in person as part of an examination and consultation. Fortunately, the procedure is simple and only takes a few minutes per eye. Success is achieved in over 90% of cases, and your improved vision should be noticeable by the next day or even later the day of surgery.

Get your questions answered and find out if you qualify to have LASIK performed. Schedule an appointment with our eye doctor in West Orange. Call us now.

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