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Eye Doctor in Glen Ridge

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LASIK in Glen Ridge

As lasers become ever more popular in healthcare, it’s important to note that one of the first ways they were put to use for improving wellness is with LASIK, the eye surgery that revolutionized vision correction. Here at Tutela Eye Center, you can take advantage of this procedure to free yourself of your dependence on corrective lenses.

The shape of your cornea determines how well you see at various distances. For example, if the curvature of it directs light closer to the front of your retina, the result will be nearsightedness. The reverse is true when light lands toward the back of the retina, with farsightedness being the outcome. Astigmatism occurs due to uneven light refraction related to a misshapen cornea. Your eyeglasses or contact lenses work by changing the angle at which light travels between your cornea and retina, which is why you experience improved vision. LASIK performed by our eye doctor in Glen Ridge reshapes the cornea, getting right to the source of the matter. Fortunately, lasers make this simple, safe, effective, and quick. There is no traditional cutting, no stitches, and no bandages. A flap of tissue is opened, your cornea is reshaped by our eye doctor in Glen Ridge, and the flap is returned to its original position, sealing without the need for sutures. The success rate for the surgery is over 90%, and it only takes a few minutes per eye right here at our office. By the next day, you should start noticing that your vision is better. You may not need your glasses or contacts at all after that. Or if you do, you won’t need them to nearly the extent that you did previously.

Come in for an examination and consultation with our eye doctor in Glen Ridge and find out if you meet the qualifications for LASIK. Schedule your appointment with us right now.

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